ROTOMACHINERY GROUP - Rotational Molding Machines

Over 50 years of experience and technological evolution in designing, constructing and installing the most advanced rotational molding machines on the global market. Over 1,000 systems operating in more than 50 countries on 5 continents, for application in multiple sectors. Two production centers in Europe and North America combining assembly, research, testing, and support services. A collaborative corporate culture centred around our customers and defining their specific production needs.



Rotational molding machines with independent carts, with fixed arms, shuttle rotomolders with 2,3 and 4 carriages, rocking ovens (Rock & Roll), laboratory machine and complete lines for PVC plastisol and elastomers molding;
Machine accessories: additional arms for work platforms, systems for process automation/interconnection;
Material management: mixers and powder dosing systems;
Solutions for product finishing;
– Complete turnkey systems.


– We know what to do thanks to 50 years of experience in the design and construction of technologically advanced machines;
– We are completely dedicated and committed to building of the best rotational molding machines;
– We only offer high quality machines, ovens and systems made to speed up production and reduce energy consumption;
– We have the most complete rotomolding line of systems on the market;
– Our rotomolding machines are available in numerous sizes and configurations for every need;
– Two production sites (Italy and Canada) for greater versatility;
– Significant commitment of resources for customer service and spare parts warehouses;
– Our customers are committed to being competitive and successful, and we want to be part of their strategy.


For the development of each new rotational molding machine an initial consultation phase takes place with the manufacturer, to determine their needs in terms of size, model, and configuration. The quantity of rotational products products per unit of time is considered, along with characteristics such as shape, material, thickness, layers, contemporary production, manufacturer’s product line or third-party molding. Taking advantage of over 50 years’ experience and thanks to more than 1,000 rotational systems delivered all over the world, we are able to suggest the best solution for custom rotational molding among the diverse options available – machines with independent arms for simultaneous production of items with different thickness, shuttle machines for longer production cycles or due to space requirements or rocking ovens for very large, hollow, plastic forms, and so on.

For those interested in the production of small PVC or Plastisol items, our dedicated range of PRM 900 box ovens can provide a fitting solution.
We deal exclusively in rotational molding and have the most comprehensive range of rotomolding machines and accessories on the market.

We start by verifying the layout of the installation site, then proceed to validate the mechanical and electronic components before beginning production. Testing takes place alongside the customer – rotational molding cycles are carried out and the machine’s functional characteristics are checked.

Customers can request that testing be carried out using their own rotomolding raw material and rotational molds. The machine is installed on the customer’s site under the supervision of our technicians, who also undertake to train the on-site operators who will be capable of using the rotational molding system immediately.
Our customers really appreciate our after-sales support and consulting services for determining the best rotomolding recipe as well as the availability of spare parts for rotational molding machines.

ROTOMACHINERY GROUP Rotational molding machines
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ROTOMACHINERY GROUP Rotational molding machines
Rotational molding machines - ROTOMACHINERY GROUP, from the preparation of the raw material to the accessory for finishing the piece.
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