Optional for Process Control

Temperature Detection - Intel Arm

Temperature detection

Inside the mold it can be obtained with removable third-party systems completely integrated into the process logic that transmit information in real time to the supervision and control system.

Intel Arm

Exclusive fully wired constant temperature detection system for automatic continuous production. The interface shows in real time the temperature curves inside the mold for the operator to check the production recipe.

Industry 4.0

Interconnection to the Company network

The machine is connected to the Company management software and receives the data of the production orders to be fulfilled and applies the stored moulding recipes. It interfaces with the local network to communicate the data of every cycle grouped by period, arm, item or material for the Company processes of logistics and quality. The display of the operating conditions can be made available on PC, tablet and mobile phone.

Interconnection with the dosing systems

The sharing with the management software of the preparation and dosing systems of the material for the preparation of the exact quantities to be used according to the moulding recipes.


A network communication device is installed on the machine which allows us to intervene remotely for assistance, configurations and software updates.

Automatic Cycle Management

Temperature detection

Thanks to the constant temperature detection inside the mould, the moulding cycle is optimized by the automatic passage from one working station to the next. Each cycle will be optimized for the different moulding conditions (hot/cold oven – summer/winter – change of type and quantity) and the set up of the perfect cycle for new moulds will be immediate.

Zero position search

The incremental management of the secondary rotation allows to program the steps of the loading/unloading operations and insertion/removal of inserts.

Intel Oven

The automatic adjustment of the oven baffle combined to the zero search position, makes it possible to preheat specific parts of the mold to determine different thicknesses. The system also works with constant oscillation of the blades of the baffle for greater uniformity of heat distribution.