Rotational Molding Shuttle Series with 1, 2, 3, 4 Carts

Rotational molding machines with high loading capacity, for the production of large items, made with a central oven and with the possibility of having up to four multipurpose areas for cooling and loading/unloading.

The ideal choice for composite productions with significant cycle differences or for non-daily use of molds that rest on the arms without affecting normal production.


– Configuration of 1 to 4 completely independent arms;
– Max. moldable spherical diameter from 2,000 mm. to 7,500 mm.;
No production stoppage due to arms under maintenance or mold change;
Exclusive cart design that compartmentalize the oven without the use of doors;
– Reduced installation surface: linear or angled layout for configurations of up to 2 arms;
– Arms supported in two points for maximum load capacity;
– Straight, angled, C-shaped mold-holder arms completely interchangeable, with 1, 2, 3 or 4 air ways;
– Direct gear transmissions without using chains;
– High insulation of the oven with preformed panels;
– Electronic modular burner;
Cooling with high performance fans;
– Operator interface with touch-screen;
– Perimeter consoles for flexible arm movements;
– Safety barriers and protections according standards in force.

2-5 Stations

(depending on the number of arms)
– Cooking and shaping of the product;
– 1 – 4 independent and multipurpose stations for cooling, item extraction and material loading.


Rotational Molding, Flexibility, and Large Load Capacity

Configurations can vary from 1 to 4 carts, which alternate independently in the central molding oven. The duration of each phase for each arm molding cycle is independent from the others, guaranteeing optimum quality for rotational products.

It is also possible to repeat the molding cycle of the same part without involving carts that may be in maintenance or under mold replacement. Each rotational product‘s recipe is stored by the machine for future use. For the shuttle model rotational molding arms can be either straight, offset or C-shaped, and can be easily changed.

The C-arms are supported at two points for better rotational stability and stress reduction, safeguarding the mechanical and structural components. This particular design allows additional air vents to be added, in order to reduce cooling times and control shrinkage, as well as for triggering the Venturi effect that is necessary for the rotational molding of complex items.

The arms are supported at both ends, giving them greater load capacity for large rotational molds, used in the molding of large capacity tanks, silos, and swimming pools. It is also possible start with a single-carousel rotational shuttle machine, and then proceed to add a second and third.

The model’s maximum level of versatility is achieved through the integration of the 4-carts system — a solution appreciated by rotational molders that need to replace molds frequently, or that prefer to have a mold holder arm already equipped with lesser-used molds.

Each cooling area also acts as the loading/unloading area and is equipped with platforms and hoists to assist operators. The oven’s insulation design includes panels on the carousels, guaranteeing optimal insulation of the molding oven and preventing the need for maintenance and replacement of insulating elements at contact points.



Process Control

Temperature Detection – Intel Arm
Industry 4.0
Remote Assistance
Automatic Cycle Management
Zero Position Search – Intel Oven

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Single / Double Cooling Chamber
Concealed Circular Doors
Super Efficient Fans
Magnetic Reluctance Motors

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Rotational molding machines shuttle SRM ROTOMACHINERY GROUP
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Rotational molding machines shuttle SRM ROTOMACHINERY GROUP
Machines with high loading capacity, for the production of large items, made with a central oven and with the possibility of having up to four multipurpose areas for cooling and loading/unloading.
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