Rock 'n' Roll HRM Series - Rotational Molding Plants

Machine for the molding of very large items, with a rocking oven.

The only one in the market with carts that move automatically: the oven descends to enclose the cart, goes back up to carry out the tilting movement and at the end of the cycle, it releases the carts which automatically follow each other in the oven.

Cutting edge technology for rotomolding of very big parts: boats, swimming pools, kayak, silos, etc.

Designed with a rotomolding rocking oven placed on a deck structure and with one or two carts that transport the mold-holder arms horizontally from the multipurpose cooling and loading / unloading station to the point where they are hooked for the ascent towards the oven.

rotomachinery-rotational-molding-Rock & Roll-oven


– Configuration of 1 to 2 completely independent arms;
– Max moldable cylinder 5,300 mm. x 2,500. mm. to 7,200 mm. x 3,800 mm.;
– From 3 to 5 independent cooking zones inside the oven;
Arms supported in two points for maximum load capacity;
Straight, C-shaped mold-holder arms completely interchangeable, with 1, 2, 3 or 4 air ways;
– Direct gear transmissions without using chains;
– High insulation of the oven with preformed panels;
– Electronic modular burner;
– Cooling with high performance fans;
– Operator interface with touch-screen;
– Perimeter consoles for flexible arm movements;
– Safety barriers and protections according standards in force.

2-3 Stations

(depending on the number of arms)
– Cooking and shaping of the product in the suspended tilting oven;
– 1 – 2 independent and multipurpose stations for cooling, item extraction and material loading.


Large-Scale Rotational Molding

Depending on the size, the system can be equipped with a diverse number of digital fans and burners. Once the doors close, the rocking movement of the oven and rotations of the mold begin.

This unique design allows operators to work at ground level and manage all molding operations from consoles installed on the machine. Rotation of the carousels is fully automatic and the only operations required are those involved in extracting the product and loading the material, which are carried out in the multipurpose areas.

Offset or straight arms can be mounted on the mold holder arms for simultaneous production of several rotational articles. The machine provides sophisticated movement control during oven rocking, in combination with primary and secondary rotation speeds to ensure the uniform distribution of material, especially when producing hollow forms with elongated shapes, such as kayaks, or when molding and rotational machines are used for rotolining. Data settings related to cycle times, temperature and rotation speed are registered in the production recipe for each part.

Due to the size and weight of these manufactured products, it is useful to use transport and dosing systems, to ensure the best working conditions and avoid waste.