Rotational Molding Machines with Independent Arms type PRM/CRM

State of the art of rotational molding: a single machine to simultaneously produce items of varying thickness or material with different cycle times or multilayer.

The carts move from one stage to another without being tied and therefore different durations can be determined for each station, creating the best possible production mix, increasing production and maintaining high quality.


– Configuration with 2,3 4 carts/mold-holder arms that alternate;
– Max. moldable spherical diameter from 1,000 mm. to 6,000 mm. (PRM), from 1,000 mm. to 4,500 mm. (CRM);
– European (PRM) U.S. (CRM) standard components;
Automatic and independent management of each cart/arm;
– Highly insulated leak-free chamber;
– High efficiency oven ventilation to optimize cooking cycles;
– Electronic modular burner;
– Straight, angled, C-shaped mold-holder arms completely interchangeable, with 1, 2 or 3 air ways;
– Rapid mold balancing system;
– Direct gear transmissions without using chains;
Cooling with high performance fans;
– Operator interface with touch-screen;
– Perimeter consoles for flexible arm movements;
– Safety barriers and protections according to standards in force.

6 Stations (4 work stations and 2 waiting stations)

– Cooking and shaping of the product;
– Intermediate phase of waiting for cooling;
– Main mold cooling;
– Mold waiting and opening station;
– Loading of material into the molds;
– Waiting or pre-molding station, for second layer or sandwich.


Choose the Most Advanced Rotomolding Technology

The system for implementing the most advanced rotational molding processes, including the production of multilayer articles, simultaneous of rotomolding articles with different thicknesses and management of their specific cycle times, or the need to manage the Venturi effect on molds for articles with a more complex shape. Single or dual cooling stations available, with or without retractable doors. Layout can be adapted according to production needs and any constraints within the installation zone.

Preplanned configurations range from simple machines with one or two carousels to test the market, expanding up to solutions comprising four carousels and dual cooling systems for high production volumes.

The high level of configuration flexibility also makes it possible to easily and quickly replace straight arms with either offset or C-arms. For each arm – and therefore each rotational mold or set of molds – it is possible to set the exact duration of each phase and the correct molding temperature. The machine registers the combination of the molds on the arms and processes the data according to the production recipe.

Another option is to integrate real-time temperature data – from inside the mold – into the monitoring and control system to automatically manage the molding cycle without changing the production protocol. In doing so, changes in external temperature, quantity of materials, or time of day can also be accounted for.

Thanks to efficient oven insulation, air circulation optimization analysis, use of efficient digital burners, electrical energy regeneration systems, and quick stop fans, these machines represent the most advanced energy-saving technology to date.


Process Control

Temperature Detection – Intel Arm
Industry 4.0
Remote Assistance
Automatic Cycle Management
Zero Position Search – Intel Oven

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Single / Double Cooling Chamber
Concealed Circular Doors
Super Efficient Fans
Magnetic Reluctance Motors

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Rotational molding independent arms machines ROTOMACHINERY GROUP
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