Fixed Arms Rotomolding Machines

Reliable, robust and simple rotational molding machine ideal for the production of items with fast processing cycles of similar durations for high production capacity. The arms move all together and alternate in the production phases at the same time.



– Configuration with 3 or 4 mold-holder arms that alternate;
– Max. moldable spherical diameter from 1,400 mm. to 5,000 mm.;
Independent temperature and rotation management for each arm;
– Highly insulated leak-free chamber;
– High efficiency oven ventilation to optimize cooking cycles;
– Electronic modular burner;
– Straight, angled, C-shaped mold–holder arms completely interchangeable, with 1, 2 or 3 air ways;
– Rapid mold balancing system;
– Direct gear transmissions without using chains;
– Cooling with high performance fans;
– Operator interface with touch-screen;
– Perimeter consoles for flexible arm movements;
– Safety barriers and protections according standards in force.

6 Stations (3 work stations and 3 waiting stations)

(on request the stations can be arranged differently)
– Cooking and shaping of the product;
– Intermediate phase of waiting for cooling;
– Mold cooling;
– Intermediate phase of waiting for mold opening;
– Waiting station for loading material;
– Loading of material into the molds.


The Rhythm of Rotational Molding

System for rotational molding processes for mass-produced products. The ideal solution for rotomolded items with similar cycles, such as pots and planters, containers and polyethylene tanks.

This system can be configured with a cooling chamber and either 2, 3 or 4 interchangeable mold holder arms. Straight arms can be selected to produce sets of molds or offset arms for more voluminous rotomolded products, according to need.
Once the duration of the critical process phase has been set — either the formation of the molded part in the rotational molding oven, the cooling phase or extraction of the rotomolded part – the moldings alternate at the same pace since the arms move from one phase to the other simultaneously.
However, the speed of the primary or secondary movements can be varied for each mold so as to obtain quality molds with a uniform distribution of the material inside the rotational mold. Once the optimal recipe has been determined, the software registers the molding process data for future use.This model is particularly appreciated for its simple use system. Operators no longer have to modify process parameters; consequently, employees can instead prepare for the loading and unloading operations at a fixed and repeated frequency and duration. Only the supervisor is able to intervene on the production parameters to vary cycle times, rotation speed and temperatures, using the rotational system’s monitoring interface.

Production levels of the rotational molding machine are thereby guaranteed over time. In order to maintain scheduled deadlines, we recommend solutions for transporting and dosing raw materials that guarantee the availability of materials in the exact quantity, facilitating the operators’ work and reducing waste.
Thanks to a modulating burner, high-grade insulation in the molding oven, and the use of efficient fans for cooling the rotational mold, the system makes it possible to achieve extensive energy savings.


Process Control

Temperature Detection – Intel Arm
Industry 4.0
Remote Assistance
Automatic Cycle Management
Zero Position Search – Intel Oven

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Single / Double Cooling Chamber
Concealed Circular Doors
Super Efficient Fans
Magnetic Reluctance Motors

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Rotational molding fixed arms machines ROTOMACHINERY GROUP
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Rotational molding fixed arms machines ROTOMACHINERY GROUP
Reliable, robust and simple machine, ideal for the production of items with fast processing cycles of similar durations for high production capacity. The arms move all together and alternate in the production phases at the same time.
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