Rotational Molding Machines

Rotational Molding machines – ROTOMACHINERY GROUP, from preparing raw materials to finishing accessories: the ROTOMACHINERY GROUP‘s commitment covers everything rotomolders need for high quality rotational molding machines, including ovens plants and accessories.


Rotational Molding Machines

Independent arms machines

“State of the art of rotational molding: a single machine to simultaneously produce items of varying thickness or material with different cycle times”…   | CONTINUED |

Fixed Arms machines

“Reliable, robust and simple machine , ideal for the production of items with fast processing cycles of similar durations”… | CONTINUED |


Machines with high load capacity suitable for the production of large items, made with a central oven and with the possibility of having up to four multipurpose and completely independent areas for cooling and loading/unloading”… | CONTINUED |

Rock & Roll HRM machines

Machine for rotational molding very large items, with a tilting oven