Optional for Energy Saving

Energy Recovery Unit


The use of a special regenerative unit makes it possible to use the reactive energy produced by the electric motors in the phase of unbalanced operation or rapid stop, for instance when the doors are open for the rotation of the carts at the end of the cooking cycle affecting the oven ventilation system. Thanks to the “REGEN” system, it is possible to stop the fan in just 5 seconds, with a drastic reduction in the outflow of hot air and a temperature loss of only 30°- 40°C, a large amount of regenerative energy is created and the set temperature is restored in just 1 minute, with evident reductions in cycle times and consumption.

Eco Mode


Ecomode is an operating function of the oven, which can be activated by the operator via the touchscreen, which guarantees considerable savings in consumption.
When the mode is set, in the presence of some predefined conditions (oven empty or temperature below a set point, for example 200°C) the burner stops. The first morning cycle can run without pre-heating and the burner can switch off automatically at the end of the shift.
In ECOMODE, when the burner is off, the fume extractor works at minimum, reducing the mass of hot air expelled and the inflow of clean cold air.
– Complete digital control burner;
– Newly designed cooking fan;
– Heating fan managed by inverters with reduced stop and restart time;
– “REGEN” unit;
– Automatic cycle management: to optimize cooking and cooling times based on the temperatures read in real time by the probes inside the mold;
Even with the “ECOMODE” function deactivated, you still enjoy the advantages of the “REGEN” system.

Reduce Consumption

Upper Fan Duct (UFD)

It consists of an additional duct for the introduction of hot air which, thanks to the Venturi effect, considerably increases the heating capacity and improves the distribution of heat in the oven.

Sistema 3 ways box

It consists of
– Expulsion of combustion fumes modulated according to the power developed by the burner;
– U.F.D.: additional flow of hot air (Venturi effect), available on request;
– Availability of free hot air at 70°- 80°C to heat work areas adjacent to the machine.

Monitoring of gas consumption

We have installed a liter counter integrated with software which displays gas consumption and actual burner power every 10 seconds on the touchscreen, detecting malfunctions in advance. The system is able to provide accumulated consumption data by cycle, arm, cubic meter, etc..