Company specializing in rotational molding machines

We design, build and install the most advanced and efficient rotational molding machines on the world market.

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Rotomachinery Group

Over 50 years of experience and technological evolution in the design, construction, and installation of the most advanced rotational molding machines on the global market.

The company specializing in rotational molding machines has two production centers: Polivinil Rotomachinery, based in Europe, and STP Rotomachinery, located in North America. 

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What we offer to rotomolders

Rotational molding machines

Machines of different types, suitable for requirements and need of each customer.


Each rotational molding machine can be integrated with optional improvements.

Complete turnkey systems

We accompany the customer from design to post-test assistance.


We put our experience at the disposal of customers to solve all problems related to the molding of the finished product.


What is rotational molding?

Rotational molding is a processing method for thermoplastic materials that allows the creation of hollow bodies of any size and shape.

This is a transformation technology that differs from the most widespread injection molding, blowing, etc. processes, making it particularly suitable for small-scale production of even complex large objects and internally hollow items that cannot be obtained otherwise.

Why choose our machines

Through constant research, we are dedicated to building the best rotational molding machines, meeting the needs of individual customers.

Our Experience

For over 50 years, we have been dedicated to build the best rotational molding machines.

High quality levels

Our machines are made with quality components available worldwide.

Numerous sizes and configurations

Our machines are available in various configurations to meet customer needs.

Two production sites

We produce in Italy and Canada for greater versatility and respect for specific standards.

Service and spare parts

We guarantee the investment with process updates and a dedicated support service.

State-of-the-art and complete systems

Our systems are the most complete on the market, and our technology is cutting-edge for reducing energy consumption.


We create the machine suitable for the needs of each customer

Rotomachinery Group aims to involve users in designing increasingly efficient, robust, reliable, and easy-to-use rotational machines, even for the most technologically advanced applications. We accompany the customer from design to post-test assistance.

Rotomachinery Group

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Rotomachinery Group's efforts cover all the needs of molders seeking high-quality rotational molding machines in addition to furnaces, equipment and accessories.


Over the years, we have developed a working method that accompanies customers from design to testing.


We offer a wide range of rotational molding machines, both new and used, and related accessories. 

Rotomachiney Group Polivinil headquarters


Polivinil Rotomachinery
Rotomachinery Group STP headquarters

North America

STP Rotomachinery

Discover the locations

Rotomachinery Group has two production centers, to ensure greater versatility and respect for the specific standards of each country.