Rotomachinery Products

 Rotomachinery Group's commitment covers all the needs of printers looking for high-quality rotational molding machines as well as ovens, plants, and accessories.

Rotomachinery Group Shuttle Machines 18

A machine for every need

From the most common solution to produce hollow bodies with simple shapes and standard molding cycles, to the most complex technical applications with stringent requirements on shrinkage and the presence of molded-in inserts, our machines and plants portfolio can meet any need.

All Rotomachinery's rotational molding products are designed to be highly productive, reliable over time, simple to use, economical to operate, considerate of working conditions, and environmentally friendly. These results are achieved through close contact with rotational molders around the world who are engaged in the production of rotational molding items in all industries.

Our machines for rotational molding

Rotomachinery Group offers a wide range of rotational molding machines, both new and used, to meet the diverse needs of molders.

Rotomachinery Group Independent Arm Machines

Machines with Independent Arms

State-of-the-art rotational molding: a single machine for the simultaneous production of items with different cycle durations or multilayer.
Rotomachinery Group Fixed Arms Machines 3

Fixed Arms machines

The ideal, reliable, robust and simple machine for the production of items with rapid processing cycles and similar durations.
Rotomachinery Group Shuttle Machines 18

Shuttle Machines SRM

High-capacity machines for large items, up to four multipurpose stations for cooling loading/unloading.
Rotomachinery Group Machines Rock n Roll 12

Rock & Roll HRM Machines

Machine for rotational molding of very large items, with a tilting oven and automatic carts movement.
Rotomachinery Group Machines Line PRM 900 Box 3

PRM 900 Box Line

Complete line for molding of large series of small articles in PVC/PLASTISOL, elastomers, ecc.
Rotomachinery Group Independent Arm Machines

Discover all types of machinery produced by Rotomachinery Group and choose the one that best suits your needs.


The most complete range on the market

Each rotational molding machine can be equipped with optional features for better process control, energy savings, and also to increase productivity.

The range of Rotomachinery products is completed with the necessary equipment to increase production capacity such as offset arms, C-arms and accessory machines for preparation, pigmentation, storage, and transport of raw material. Easily available mechanical and electronic components are used worldwide.

Accessories for rotational machines and systems

Each machine can be equipped with accessories to make the molding process more efficient and attentive to consumption, but also to improve the quality and safety of workers.