Training for use of rotational molding machines

What does the phase consist of?

The machine is installed at the customer's site under the supervision of our technicians, who proceed with testing with the first production cycle.

Another fundamental phase is training for the use of our machines. Our team is responsible for training operators who can immediately use the rotational molding plant.

Frequently asked questions

Who proceeds with the final installation?
The final installation is carried out by 1 or 2 Rotomachinery Group technicians who coordinate the machine reassembly phases, connection to utilities and start-up of molding cycles.
How long does the installation of a machine take?
Depending on the model, size and configuration, the installation duration varies from 2 to 3 weeks. In the case of installation with material dosing systems, work platforms, etc., even 4 weeks.
What should the customer do?
The customer must provide operational staff and transport and lifting means.
What is required on-site?
With useful notice to the customer, a document is sent detailing all the specific information for connections to utilities, the creation of air expulsion ducts, and the requirements for the necessary transport and lifting means.
Who is responsible for calibrating the burner?
The burner is calibrated by an authorized technician present at the installation site.
How is training provided?
The customer can send their technicians to our plant to assist in the final assembly phases and for testing. In any case, the Rotomachinery Group technician proceeds with training and training of the customer's staff for the correct and profitable use of the machine after the final installation.
Is the installation cost separate?
The cost of installation, testing, and staff training is included in the machine price.

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