Designing machines for rotational molding

What does the phase consist of?

Drawing on the experience of more than 50 years and with more than 1,600 rotational molding plants delivered worldwide, we are able to suggest the best of several rotational molding solutions.

Each new rotational molding machine requires an initial phase of listening to the molders needs, to determine the size, model and configuration. To design custom rotational molding machines, we consider the quantities of rotational products per unit of time and their characteristics: shape, material, thicknesses, layers, simultaneous production, own line or molding for third-parties.




Frequently asked questions

Are machine lay-outs standard per model or can they be adapted to the installation site?
Encumbrances, heights the presence of obstacles on the floor and ceiling are checked before the order is launched. Distances to utility drawdown points and the way in which discharge chimneys are constructed are also checked.
How are the dimensions of the molds in the chambers checked?
The dimensions of the molds are checked with 3D drawing software to assess any interference on both the offset arm and the straight arm. In this way, we are sure of the correct size of the oven and propose the most suitable system to the customer.
How is the final machine configuration defined?
The choice of model, size, configuration, and equipment is made in collaboration with the customer, who sends us the drawings or measurements of the product to be molded and the quantity of pieces they want to produce.
Is it possible to have the control panel in the desired language?
Certainly, the interface is multilingual.
Can the machine be interfaced according to 4.0 principles?
All models in the extensive Rotomachinery Group Inc. range are Industry 4.0 certified. Assistance is provided by our technicians.
How are the components chosen?
The machines are equipped with the best electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and thermal components available on the market.

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