After-sales assistance for rotational molding machines

What does the phase consist of?

Rotomachinery Group remains alongside its customers even after the machine testing. The after-sales service and consultancy for determining the best rotational molding recipe is highly appreciated, as is the availability of spare parts for rotational molding machines


Frequently asked questions

How is after-sales assistance provided?
All machines worldwide are connected to the offices of the two production units, Italian and Canadian, to be able to promptly manage alarms
Who deals with problem solving?
At each plant, the assistance offices are operational, both for mechanical problems and for alarms or software interventions
Is there a spare parts warehouse?
At each plant, there is a significant spare parts warehouse for both mechanical and electrical/electronic parts
Is consultancy provided for molding issues?
Given over 50 years of experience and training of our staff, we are able to provide assistance for optimizing molding cycles both in terms of energy savings and for "difficult" pieces

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Rotomachinery Group accompanies customers from design to testing of every type of machine for rotational molding. Discover all the phases of our method.