Go green with Rotomachinery Group: hybrid system coming soon

Another step forward in our commitment to a sustainable future.

Thanks to our hybrid system (pat. pending) that pairs advanced digital burner with special electric resistances specifically designed for:

  • A medium-sized carousel machine;
  • With a set-point of 250°;
  • For a 4 mm thick piece. 

We have achieved the following results:

  • Heating up from cold oven to molding temperature in -7.5 minutes;
  • Recovery of molding temperature in just 2 minutes;
  • For a standard cooking recipe of only gas for 22 minutes, the machine operated:
    1. 11 minutes using only the gas burner;
    2. 8 minutes using only electric;
    3. 3 minutes using both power sources.

All of this has allowed us to achieve a 63% gas cubic meters savings, equivalent to 25 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Next step: full electric machine. In testing in the coming weeks - stay tuned!