Accessories for rotational molding

Our machines for rotational molding can be implemented with accessories that can make the process more efficient, reduce consumption, and improve the quality and safety of the work of molders. 

Our accessories for rotational molding

We have transferred our many years of experience as manufacturers of rotational molding plants to some appendices of the machines.

Rotomachinery Group Accessories Dosing System

Dosing system

Rotomachinery Group Accessories Powder Transport System

Powder transport system

Rotomachinery Group Accessories Turbo mixer 1

Turbomixer TRA

Rotomachinery Group Accessories Footboard

Plates, platforms, and hoists

Rotomachinery Group technoplate Accessories


Rotomachinery Group Accessories C-shaped arm

C-Shaped Arm

Rotomachinery Group Accessories ArmASquare

Offset arm

Discover the Complete Line

Rotomachinery Group has designed this system consisting of a series of machines and accessories that work in succession to determine the correct dose of one or more types of materials in the mold. A system that allows you to work avoiding errors and waste of material.


The chosen raw material is introduced into the pulverizer, where it is transformed from granule to powder.


The powders are transported from the storage area to the processing through customizable systems.


The coloring of the obtained powders is done through a high-speed mixer. 


The system automatically doses the exact amount of material needed for the molds.


This complete line is compatible with all rotational molding machines. 

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