Accessories for Rotational Machines and Plants

On this page, we present some of the accessories accompanying the machines and systems for rotation molding machines and systems for rotation molding.

We have transferred our many years of experience as a manufacturer of rotomolding equipment into some of the machine appendages.

These are devices such as powder mixers, or dispensers that make the molding process more efficient and more fuel-efficient.

They can also be systems designed to improve the quality and safety of the molders’ work.

In this section, however, you will find some of the novelties that we propose, like the system for the advanced management of air flows.

Offset Arm

For large pieces suitable for the use of all available space. Considerable load capacity and quick replacement, thanks to the quick coupling. Practical balancing with adjustable counterweight. From 1 to 3 air ways.


C-Shaped Arm

Equipped with the same characteristics as the square arm but with additional load capacity, thanks to the support in two points and the possibility of adding a fourth air way.


Accessory for large molds consisting of a cage, linked to the flange of the primary, with special joint and mold sliding ring. This allows the rotation of the loaded mold, reducing mechanical stresses and leaving the upper part of the mold free to open, which is not possible when the mold is locked in two points as it happens with the idle arm.


Raw Material Management

Turbomixer TRA

High speed mixer with capacity 300 l. or 600 l. suitable for hot coloring of polyethylene powders and equipped with special stainless steel propellers and pneumatic material discharge valve.

Powder transport system

Customized systems for the transport of powders from the storage area to the work area. Integrated solutions with mixers and dispensers to avoid waste and efficiently meet the requirement.

Dosing system

Automatic dosing system up to 3 colors consisting of hoppers and load cells. By reading the bar code on the special label, the system interfaces with the molding machine and reads the recipe by pre-packaging the exact quantity of material which is dropped into the mold by simply positioning the discharge terminal of the conveyor tube.

Plates, platforms and hoists

To facilitate loading / unloading operations with self-propelled platforms at fixed or variable height, customized solutions are prepared according to the specific needs. The addition of jib cranes allows for efficient and safe production lay-outs.
Accessories Rotational molding machines
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Accessories Rotational molding machines
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