Rotational Molding Machines

Rotational Molding machines – ROTOMACHINERY GROUP, from preparing raw materials to finishing accessories: the ROTOMACHINERY GROUP‘s commitment covers everything rotomolders need for high quality rotational molding machines, including ovens plants and accessories.


Rotational Molding Machines

Independent arms machines

“State of the art of rotational molding: a single machine to simultaneously produce items of varying thickness or material with different cycle times”…   | CONTINUED |

Fixed Arms machines

“Reliable, robust and simple machine , ideal for the production of items with fast processing cycles of similar durations”… | CONTINUED |


Machines with high load capacity suitable for the production of large items, made with a central oven and with the possibility of having up to four multipurpose and completely independent areas for cooling and loading/unloading”… | CONTINUED |

Rock & Roll HRM machines

Machine for rotational molding very large items, with a tilting oven and carts that move automatically”…   | CONTINUED |

Laboratory machines

Machine suitable for the production of small items and equipped with all the latest generation tools and devices for cycle control”… | CONTINUED |

Line PRM 900 BOX

“Complete line for molding large series of small items in PVC/PLASTISOL, elastomers”… | CONTINUED |

The Most Comprehensive Range on the Rotational Molding Market

From routine solutions for producing hollow forms with simple shapes and standard molding cycles, to more complex technical applications calling for stringent requirements on shrinkage and the presence of molded-in inserts, our range of machines and plants can be adapted to fulfil all specifications.

We are also able to create custom rotational molding plants, with individually-specified dimensions, equipment, and configurations.

All our machines are designed to be highly productive, reliable over time and simple to use. Moreover, they are cost-effective to run, adaptable to working conditions, and environmentally friendly.

These results have been obtained thanks to close contact with rotomolders all over the world, who are engaged in the production of articles for rotational molding in all sectors, including water treatment, automotive, playground structures, furniture, outdoor applications, and more.

The technology employed is cutting-edge, thanks to multiple analyses carried out on the combustion chamber, heating chamber, cooling system and loading/unloading stations.

The machinery’s control and management system is operated using touch screens and industry 4.0 interconnections (M2M), while the proprietary monitoring software is constantly updated based on customer needs.

Each machine can be fitted out with options for better process control, energy savings and equipments to increase productivity.

The offer can be further enhanced with all the accessories for increasing production capacity, such as offset or C-arms, and additional machines for the preparation, pigmentation, storage, and transport of raw materials.

Standard mechanical and electronic components are used that are readily available all over the world.

ROTOMACHINERY GROUP rotational molding machines
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ROTOMACHINERY GROUP rotational molding machines
Rotational molding machines - ROTOMACHINERY GROUP, from preparing raw materials to finishing accessorie for finishing the piece.
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